Bypass AI Detection & Do Not Penalized By Google with TextGhost V2 (Free)

Tested successfully with Originality, Hemingway, Zerogpt, Contentatscale, Gptzero, Crossplag, GPTRadar, Winston AI, Corrector

We have tested and fine tuned our tool
with all known AI detection tools

4500+ USERS

Humanize AI Generated Text For Free

Humanize any text generated by your favorite AI tool, bypass AI detection with unlimited usage

Humanize Unlimited Text

You can use TextGhost with OpenAI account API key, no payment, no extra fee for the tool, unlimited use

Free or Paid OpenAI Account

V2 support both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 although their AI detection bypass performance are different

Simple to Use

TextGhost is designed with simplicity in mind. No complex setting, input text and get humanized output, thats it

90% + Peformance

Unlike other tools, TextGhost V2 remove AI detection in more than 90% of the cases (with GPT-4 API)

Defeat AI detectors, create human content, write without fear

Outsmart AI detectors with TextGhost—flawless, human-quality text, undetectable by AI.

Your content stays authentic, always. Our revolutionary tool transforms AI-generated content into premium, human-authored text.

Tailored for content creators, marketers, and scholars, TextGhost guarantees your work retains its genuine human touch. Elevate your content's authenticity—make it undetectable, make it TextGhost

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90%+ Success 4500+ Users $0 Per Month

Use AI content generators like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini with confidence

Future of content creation, where the power of advanced AI becomes your friend in crafting compelling narratives, untraceable and authentic. No hesitations, no limits—just pure, fearless innovation

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Please read following information and warnings before start using this tool ⤵️

TextGhost Is Free But

TextGhost is free, experimental tool for educational purposes only, it is not intended for commercial use, it is only for personal use

Use Responsibly

Please don't use TextGhost for cheating or plagiarism. It's not cool in academic, professional, or any other honest contexts, just play with it

How To Use

You need to use your own OpenAI API key. It is not stored on our server, or anywehere else but in your browser, so it is as safe as your computer

Its speed depends

TextGhost uses OpenAI, and responses maybe slow. For long texts, it take some time to get a response from the tool, so expect some delays


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